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Worship & Kid Zone @ 9:30
Adult Sunday School @ 10:45
Wednesday Prayer Time @ 7 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should my middle school student attend Elevate?

Elevate offers an exciting and fun alternative to those last boring days of summer. Elevate offers a wide variety of activities which challenge students to step up to the next level – Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Students say it’s the best week they have all summer! 

What is the purpose behind Elevate?

Middle School can be a confusing time for students. Everything in and around them seems to be changing radically at an alarming pace. Elevate’s sole purpose is to provide spiritual insight on issues directly related to middle school students equipping them with the skills and experiences that build character and confidence during this key time of development. 

How does Elevate take students to the next level?

Students are challenged many ways during the day camp. High-adventure experiences encourage them to stretch their mental and physical ability and to build trust by working with their peers to accomplish tasks. Each activity has been specifically designed to provide insight useful for their everyday lives. Caring staff members debrief each activity, relating truth from the exercise to spiritual and moral truth in terms easy to understand and apply. 

What qualifications do staff members have?

The staff is made of young men and women who have a heart for reaching middle school students. First and foremost, they have a genuine love for God and the youth. They also go through strenuous training in all the activities they lead, in first aid, and in how to relate to this age group. Students are accompanied at all times by a staff member who is certified in CPR and basic first aid, and who has their best interest at heart. 

Who can come to Elevate?

There is something for everyone at Elevate. There is no special requirement for any certain level of skill or development. The staff meets each person where he or she is and works with them to raise them to the next level. All students who have completed fifth through eighth grades are welcome to enjoy camp. Each camp session spans one week, and students are free to attend as many weeks as they wish. 

How safe are the activities at camp?

In addition to extensive staff training, Elevate is committed to choosing controlled activities that minimize associated risks. Only qualified and experienced staff will lead kids in high adventure activities under the direct supervision of the camp overseer. 

Is this camp going to cost me "an arm and a leg"?

Not at all! Elevate is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide a service to parents and students in the local area. If you look around you’ll find that Elevate’s prices are incredibly low. At $235.00/week, your students will be able to participate in a full week of camp. This price will include all activities (water-skiing, rock-climbing, and more) as well as lunch, drinks, and snacks throughout the day. At Elevate we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees; for that reason, we have done our best to create a day camp that is affordable to parents.