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Light for Girls School

While Pastor James, a national in South Asia, was forming his church, he noticed the girls in the city slums. Not only was their living situation destitute, living in shacks in unsanitary conditions, but also, he noticed the girls born in the slums had very little hope. His heart broke for them.

All children born in the slums are a financial liability to their families, but the girls are an absolute monetary burden. Because of the status of males in the local culture, the boys are given the opportunity to go to school. The boys’ training and status will enable them to help support their families.

As soon as a girl of the slums becomes of age, her parents look to sell her as a wife to an older man sometimes 2-3 times the girl’s age, while the girl may only be thirteen. In most cases, the husband will favor his new young wife until she becomes pregnant. Once she is pregnant, the husband will lose interest in his wife, resulting in a life of loneliness that began with a loveless marriage. If the girl is not given in marriage, she will be forced into prostitution as a means of survival.

Pastor James, a product of one of the slum marriages, and his wife formed the Light for Girls School as a means of giving the girls hope through education, loving personal attention, and the light and love of Jesus Christ. Parents of the girls are paid to let the girls attend the school which meets several times a week. While at the school, the girls are given an education and taught a trade, as a means of keeping them out of prostitution. The girls also learn about hygiene, and about the Bible. Pastor James and others involved in the school want give the girls a brighter future through practical means, but ultimately they want the girls to know that they are loved and valued by God.

The girls who attend the school may still be given in marriage, but because of Light for Girls School, the girls will marry when they are older, and will have the knowledge that they are worthy of love and are never alone. In turn, the girls can pass on this love and hope, and their faith to their children. Girls who do not marry will have the means to survive without having to demean themselves. Also, at this time, there are two girls who have the opportunity to attend a school of higher education.


A Light in the World

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 Your donation will . . .

Help buy a bigger building. Currently, the school has two locations: one in the slums and the other on the outskirts of the city. Fifty girls, ages 8-14 squeeze into each 20 x 15 foot location. Pastor James wants to find a bigger building for the school so more girls will be able to attend. Also, the local government is considering leveling the area of the slums to make it a more “productive” area, displacing its inhabitants and also destroying at least one of the schools.
Buy more sewing machines and other tools and materials. Presently, the only trade taught is sewing and embroidery, and there is only one sewing machine per location for all fifty of the girls to use. The school would like to offer a wider variety of trade options for the girls to enable them to have more opportunities to support themselves and also find their talents, but is in need of more equipment.
Buy more computers. The school is teaching the girls how to use a computer, but the computers are old, unreliable, and few.
Pay for girls to come to the school.  

To make a donation write your check to East Boulder Baptist Church with Light4Girls in the memo line, and send to East Boulder Baptist Church, 7690 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO  80303.  For more details, contact the church office at 303-499-3553 or